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Drops FAQ
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Getting Started with Drops

How do I get started if I’ve never created a drop before?

When you drop an NFT collection on OpenSea, your community and other buyers can mint NFTs directly into their wallet. Minting describes the process of “publishing” the NFT directly onto the blockchain; it doesn’t exist until a buyer mints it. This can be a good fit if you have an established community of buyers who would be eager to participate in the excitement of a Drop. We recommend reviewing the Drops section of our Help Center, beginning with Drops on OpenSea.

If this is your first time creating an NFT, or your community is smaller, you might prefer to start by creating an individual NFT or collection of NFTs using the “Collection or item” button in OpenSea Studio. This will enable you to mint an NFT directly into your own wallet – it’ll exist right away, without other buyers – and later, you can decide to list the NFT for sale. In this case, we’d recommend reviewing the Create a collection or item section of our Help Center.

To learn more about which option is right for you, visit our article How do I use OpenSea Studio?

If I drop my collection using OpenSea Studio, will it appear on the Featured Drops tab?

Because OpenSea Studio is available to a large number of users, we’re not able to show every creator’s drop on the Featured Drops tab at this time. Learn more about OpenSea's policy on featuring drops.

Do collectors pay gas fees when minting?

Yes. Generally speaking, gas fees occur for attempted transactions on the blockchain, including a mint. The amount will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as how many people are using the network at that moment. Wallet providers, not OpenSea, calculate gas prices. OpenSea does not control gas prices, nor does it receive any profit from them, and OpenSea is not able to refund gas fees. You'll pay gas fees even if you weren't able to successfully mint an item.

How can other users find my Drop?

Users will be able to search for NFTs that interest them by using the search bar, or browsing by categories, and may find your collection’s drop page.

You can learn more about what makes a great NFT offering, and how to build engagement, in our Help Center guide.

What is OpenSea's fee for OpenSea Studio?

OpenSea will receive 10% of the sale price for each NFT minted in your drop. There's no OpenSea fee to create your Drop, however.

Do I need to submit an application to complete a Drop?

No, Drops is open access. You don't need to submit an application to create a drop.

How will my buyers know what they’re receiving when I set up a Drop?

Part of the excitement surrounding a Drop is because when you mint, you don’t know exactly what you’ll receive! Buyers won’t see the art for their individual NFTs until after you reveal your collection’s metadata. However, you can give potential buyers a taste of what they’re going to receive by updating your drop page.

If you prefer to display your collection at once, you can also use our “Mint an NFT” feature to create an NFT collection and mint the items into your wallet directly. Then, you can list the items for sale, and buyers will know exactly what they’re going to receive.

Setting up your Drop

How can I reserve items for my team?

To reserve a certain number of NFTs for your team, you can set up a team allocation stage by creating a presale stage with a 0 ETH mint price.

We recommend creating a single wallet address for this stage with a per-wallet limit of the total number of NFTs you’d like to allocate to your team. You can mint the entire team allocation to a single wallet when the presale stage begins, and send the NFTs to team members as needed.

Is there a maximum number of NFTs I can deploy in my contract?

No, there is no cap. However, the maximum number of media files you can upload using OpenSea's tools is 10,000.

If you're creating a larger collection, such as an Open Edition, you'll need to directly upload your metadata elsewhere. Learn more in our Developer Docs.

Can I add a burn mechanism to my contract?

If you’d like to add a burn mechanism, you’ll need to deploy your own contract outside of the OpenSea UI instead of using the Deploy contract buttons on OpenSea.

Can I deploy my contract on Testnets first?

Yes, you can deploy a test contract when logged in with your wallet at

Can I have only a public stage for my drop, without any presales?

Yes! Keep in mind that anyone can mint an NFT if you set up your drop this way.

What kind of token is supported in Drops?

OpenSea Studio’s “Drop a Collection” feature currently supports ERC-721 tokens.

If you’d like your collection’s NFTs to be ERC-1155 tokens, you should use our “Mint an NFT” feature.

Metadata & minting

Will the NFTs in my collection be visible before users mint them? Why aren’t my items appearing even though the minting period is over?

The NFTs in your collection won’t exist until users mint them onto the blockchain for the first time. After your mint has ended, you can follow the steps here to reveal the NFT images and metadata.

If the minting period has ended, but your collection shows zero items, it might mean that nobody minted (purchased) your items. In this case, the NFTs don’t yet exist. Rather than revealing the NFT media and metadata yet, you can update the minting schedule to extend it and allow other users to participate in the drop, or reduce the price to zero and mint the NFTs into your own wallet. Then, you can reveal your metadata once minting is complete.

Finally, if users minted NFTs, but the metadata is unrevealed and your artwork isn’t showing, you can go ahead and reveal your metadata.

Where can I get answers to my questions about preparing my drop's metadata?

To learn more about setting up your Drop's metadata, check out our help guide on preparing metadata for your Drop.

Why isn’t my allowlist working?

While OpenSea doesn’t have access to view and troubleshoot your allowlist, there are some common errors that you can check for. Wallet addresses with typos (such as incomplete addresses, or addresses missing the standard 0x) and ENS names are not supported.

Can I reopen minting after I’ve revealed my metadata or the minting schedule has ended?

If your minting schedule has ended, and you’d like to extend the minting period, you can make changes to your drop schedule and reopen minting.

After you’ve revealed your metadata, you can no longer make changes to your minting schedule.

How can I extend my mint stage?

If you haven’t revealed your metadata yet, you can extend your mint stage. Navigate to your Drop Settings and click the pencil icon next to the stage you’d like to revise.

How can I convert my .JSON file to a .csv file?

Since OpenSea only supports .csv files for metadata uploads, if you’ve prepared your metadata as a .JSON file, we recommend you set your baseURI through the blockchain explorer.

​To find your token's contract on Etherscan or a similar blockchain explorer, navigate to your drop page on OpenSea. On the right-hand side, click on the three-dot menu and then the explorer logo to view the contract. ​Scroll down and click the Contract tab and then Write Contract. Navigate to section: setBaseURI. Be sure to add a slash after the base URI so the tokenURI function appends the token ID to it. The file must be accessible without the .json extension. For example, set: `ipfs://hash/`

Why am I seeing “content not available yet”?

This typically means your media and metadata, which defines your NFTs, hasn’t been revealed yet. Once minting is complete, be sure to reveal your collection’s metadata. Be sure to complete the transaction that pops up in your wallet to set the metadata on the contract, or else it won’t show.

If you’re seeing this message even after you’ve revealed your metadata, please reach out to our Support team here at We’ll do our best to troubleshoot, although please note that we’re unable to provide customized developer support.

How long should I set minting for? How long do I have to wait to reveal my metadata?

You can set your minting period for as long as you choose! Creators generally weigh how long to keep minting open for each presale group based on the number of users who want to mint and how quickly they want to move to the public stage. Often, creators let their communities know when minting will begin and end.

You can reveal your metadata after minting is complete. You can do this even if your collection hasn’t fully minted (in other words, even if not every NFT has been purchased) and the public stage has ended, but keep in mind that you’ll only see NFTs that users purchased. If you reveal after the public stage ended but your collection didn’t sell out, the remaining NFTs can no longer be minted.

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