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Part 6: Build your drop page
Part 6: Build your drop page
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Now that you’ve deployed your contract and set your mint schedule and pricing, it’s time to create your landing page and bring your drop to life! Certain content related to your collection will be automatically pulled from your drop page into your collection page after the mint ends.

Click the Page editor section on the left side of the page to add images, videos, and text copy to the drop page.

Make sure to use the Save draft button at the bottom of the page, as edits won't autosave.

For information about supported file types and recommended dimensions, learn more here.

Banner image

The banner image is the first thing people see when visiting your landing page. It can either be an image or a short, looping video without sound.

To add your banner, click Edit image on your Drop page and choose your desired file. Make sure to click the mobile icon to add a banner image that renders properly on mobile devices.

Banner logo

The banner logo is used as the profile image on your drop landing page.

Mint tab

In your About this collection section, click the pencil icon to tell the story of your collection and project in detail. Use this section to share your project’s vision, purpose, inception, and anything else you’d like to share with potential collectors.

This can be a bulleted list, a free-flowing story, a quotation, or whatever best represents your story. Your description shouldn’t exceed 400 characters.

You can also upload images to give collectors a preview of your collection. These will display as a carousel so users can get a sense of the items available to mint. Click Add preview images to get started.

To build out your drop page, you can add additional media sections with more images, videos, and descriptions of your drop. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Add media.

Manage tabs

Click Manage tabs on the right side of the page to add up to three additional sections to your Drop Page: Roadmap, Team, and FAQ.

In each of these tabs, you can always click the Edit button to edit a section or delete it entirely. Make sure to click Done after making any edits, and Save draft at the bottom of the page.

These tabs also support markdown formatting. You can use it to add character and personality to your page and provide useful links to your community.

Here are some examples of markdown formatting you can use:

  1. To create a link, enclose the link text in brackets and then follow it immediately with the URL in parentheses. For example, [OpenSea](

  2. To add italics, use either * or _around your text.

  3. To add bold text, use either** or __ around your text.

Roadmap tab

Many projects have long-term visions, and this drop is only one piece of that plan. Here, you can tell the full story of your collection and project. Click Add to start adding events to your project roadmap.

Team tab

In this section, you can share more information about the people who made this collection and project a reality.

You can provide a picture or PFP, name, title (the role they play in your project), and a brief bio for each individual. Click Add to start adding team members.

FAQ tab

Potential collectors may have questions before or after minting. In this section, you can provide the answers.

Click Add to get started. Questions and answers should be short and straightforward.

Here are some common questions it might be helpful to include:

  1. Where can I learn more about the project?

  2. What is the mint price?

  3. What is the utility?

  4. How can I get on the allowlist?

  5. Are any items reserved for the team?


You can follow these instructions to add collection collaborators who will be able to access and edit the drop page. You can add any wallet address, .eth, or .lens address.

Collection page

Be sure to edit your collection details. Your drop page details will automatically transfer to your collection page after minting ends and will display in the “Overview” tab. Information about the mint will only be available for 24 hours after minting ends.

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