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Part 2: Prepare your drop schedule
Part 2: Prepare your drop schedule
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After you’ve finished setting up your smart contract, click the three-dot menu on your chosen collection and select Edit collection. On the left side of the page, click the Settings section.

Choose whether you’d like a Limited edition or Open edition drop. A limited edition collection has a fixed number of items available for minting, meaning you can set the number of NFTs that may be minted. An open edition collection has no limit on the number of items that can be minted during the mint timeframe. Once an open edition’s mint period is over, the number of items that were minted is the total number of items in the collection.

If applicable, specify the Number of items. Set your Mint start date & time. You can edit the start date until the time of the drop.

Public stage

Public stages are phases of your primary mint sale during which anyone with enough funds can mint from your collection. To participate, there’s no need to be on a wallet allowlist.

When you create a drop on OpenSea, you must include a public sale stage. This is always the last stage after all the presale stages have ended, and it can’t be deleted.

You can charge a fixed sales price during this stage, and anyone who navigates to OpenSea will be able to mint directly from the smart contract using your landing page. As with any NFT drop, individuals can also mint from your collection directly from the contract itself, which means that more technical users might create scripts to mint even faster.

You can update the Name, Sale price, Duration, and Per-wallet mint limit for the public sale. All of this information will be visible on your drop page.

You can adjust your mint schedule and pricing any time before the mint starts.

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