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How do I use OpenSea Studio?
How do I use OpenSea Studio?
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You can create NFTs using OpenSea Studio. This is a hub for all creators, from web3 beginners to experts, to create NFTs using tools that don’t require coding knowledge.

To get started, hover over your profile icon, and select Studio. Select one of your existing collections if you’re just looking to make some updates, or click Create to launch a new NFT.

You’ll see two options: Create a Drop or Collection or item.

How do I know which option is right for me?

When you drop an NFT collection using OpenSea, your community and other buyers can mint NFTs directly into their wallet. Minting describes the process of “publishing” the NFT directly onto the blockchain; it doesn’t exist until a buyer mints it. This can be a good fit if you have an established community of buyers who would be eager to participate in the excitement of a Drop. We recommend reviewing the Drops section of our Help Center to learn more.

If this is your first time creating an NFT, or your community is smaller, you might prefer to start by minting (creating) an individual NFT or collection of NFTs using the Collection or item button in OpenSea Studio. This will enable you to mint an NFT directly into your own wallet. It’ll exist right away, without other buyers. Later, you can decide to list the NFT for sale. In this case, we’d recommend reviewing the Create a collection or item section of our Help Center.

This chart compares both options side-by-side:



Collection or item

Display items immediately


Only display items once they have been purchased


Only allow certain users to purchase in presale stages


Bulk-uploading NFT media


Token Standard



Initial setup

1. Deploy contract

2. Prepare drop schedule

3. Define allowlist

4. Set pre-reveal

5. Set drop earning

6. Build drop page

7. Publish drop

8. Prepare metadata for drop

1. Deploy a contract

2. Directly mint NFTs into your collection

Minting process

Community members mint NFTs from the drop page, and become the first owner(s) of the NFT

Collection creator directly mints NFTs into the collection and re-sells later if they choose

Reveal conditions

Either one of two are met:

1. Mint stage ends and creator reveals the NFT media and metadata

2. NFTs fully minted out (the collection is “sold out”) and creator reveals the NFT media and metadata

No reveal process. The NFT is visible as soon as it’s minted.



Type of creator

Those who want their community or users to mint directly

Those who are getting started with NFTs and want the flexibility to sell their items later, or slowly create their collection.

If you’re curious to learn more about the difference between creating a collection versus a drop, visit our Learn Center.

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