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Why can't I see my NFTs in my account?
Why can't I see my NFTs in my account?
Updated over a week ago

You can think of your OpenSea account as a window into your crypto wallet, showing all the NFTs inside. OpenSea does not take custody of your items; your account provides access to view the transactions in your wallet.

There are three common reasons your NFTs may not be visible in your account.

1. Your crypto wallet is not connected correctly

To fix this issue, close your browser, clear your cache, and reconnect to OpenSea. If you have more than one wallet, make sure you're connected to the correct wallet, or logged in with the correct email address. You can find further troubleshooting steps in the help guide What if my wallet is not connecting?

2. The transaction is delayed

When there is heavy network congestion on the Ethereum blockchain, it can take more time to complete the transaction than anticipated. You can use Etherscan to search for your transaction hash and see the transaction status.

3. Your NFT was delisted from our platform

When an item or collection violates our Terms of Service, we may delist it from being displayed on OpenSea. The item or collection will still exist on the blockchain (we don't have the power to change that!) but you won't be able to see it here. You can learn more about delisting in our help guide Why are my items and collections delisted?

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