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Why are my items and collections delisted?
Why are my items and collections delisted?
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We aim for OpenSea to reflect the blockchain ecosystem, but when an item or collection violates our Terms of Service, we may delist it from being displayed on OpenSea. The item or collection will still exist on the blockchain (we don't have the power to change that!) but you won't be able to see it here.

This guide explains our user safety process, and why items and collections might be delisted from our platform.

User Safety and Delisting

If you see the message below on OpenSea it's likely that you bought or minted an NFT that was removed by our user safety team.

This can happen if we determine the NFT:

  • infringes on protected intellectual property,

  • promotes suicide or self-harm,

  • incites hate or violence against others,

  • degrades or doxes another individual,

  • otherwise violates our Terms of Service.


If an item you own is delisted you will also receive an email notification:


We may also automatically delist your collection if your collection's name is too similar to that of an existing collection or otherwise protected word. Examples of terms that could trigger this include using OpenSea or the name of the most popular badged collections (such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, or Pudgy Penguins) as your own collection name. If you believe your collection has been wrongfully delisted, please reach out to us at

Reviewing collection details

When you purchase certain NFTs using OpenSea, you may be asked to click a checkbox that confirms that you have read our Terms of Service and have done your research into the origin of the NFT.

OpenSea reserves the right to remove infringing content at any time.

Moving forward, it's important to research the creator of the item and the smart contract to make sure you're purchasing an NFT made by an established artist producing original works. Please also keep in mind that you still own the item, even if it's no longer visible on the OpenSea platform.

If you believe that your NFT is missing for reasons unrelated to those described above, please contact our support team.

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