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Why is my NFT marked for suspicious activity?
Why is my NFT marked for suspicious activity?
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We take allegations of theft seriously at OpenSea. The sale of stolen items, converted items, fraudulently obtained items, items taken without authorization, and other illegally obtained items using OpenSea’s services is prohibited.

This guide explains how we handle stolen items and what steps to take if you own an item that was reported as stolen. If you’re the victim of a theft, please see this help guide for more information.

How we handle items reported as stolen

When we receive a police report that an item was stolen, we disable the item with a red “can’t be bought or sold due to suspicious activity” message on the item page. The item will remain disabled unless the original owner withdraws their report.


While disabled items cannot be bought, sold or transferred using OpenSea’s services, we do not take custody of NFTs, so items may still be transferred to other wallets on the blockchain using other platforms.

What should I do if an item I own is affected?

If you purchased an item now marked as suspicious, it will remain in your wallet, but you’ll be unable to buy, sell, or transfer it using OpenSea’s services. The item can only be re-enabled in certain circumstances at the request of the original victim of theft.

If your item is displaying a “suspicious activity” alert and you believe this item has been flagged incorrectly, please reach out via our Help Center to our User Safety team. Make sure to include your wallet address and the OpenSea URL for the item.

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