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What is OpenSea's misleading collection and account policy?
What is OpenSea's misleading collection and account policy?
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On OpenSea, we want to make it easy to find the NFTs you’re looking for. To reduce the presence of NFTs that cause confusion, we delist NFTs that violate our Copymint Policy and we add a blue checkmark to verified accounts and notable collections.

Sometimes, however, a name, URL, banner, and/or logo image may cause confusion for users if they’re too similar to an existing collection or account. Our Misleading Collection and Account Policy is intended to apply to these collections and accounts, even if the NFT content doesn’t look the same.

We don't allow collections to falsely assert that they're related to a collection or entity (for example, by naming themselves [Popular Collection] v2 or Official OpenSea Partner). Nor do we allow spoofing or other behaviors that attempt to present a collection as the authentic or original one.

In addition to false attribution, collections and accounts with similar names may be confusing. With millions of collections, it’s totally possible that multiple collections could independently come up with the same name. It’s not enough that the names of two collections or accounts are similar—for a collection or account to violate our Misleading Collection and Account Policy, it has to have both a similar name or custom URL and a similar logo, banner image, or description.

⚠️ Exception: Collections or accounts clearly labeled as “fan clubs” aren’t in violation of our Misleading Collection and Account Policy, but could violate our Copymint Policy

Taking multiple elements into consideration helps us understand whether the collection or account may intend to cause confusion by using words and images similar to the original collection or account. We strive to take action as quickly as possible.

And of course, we also comply with intellectual property laws. This means that even if a collection or account doesn’t violate our Misleading Collection and Account Policy, it may still be subject to removal if there is a legally valid takedown request from a rightsholder.

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