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How do I edit my collection details?
How do I edit my collection details?
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After you've updated your collection page with text and graphics, it's time to update your collection details.

From the OpenSea homepage, navigate to your Profile icon and select Studio.

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You’ll see a list of all of your collections associated with your wallet. Simply click on the collection you’d like to edit, or select Edit details, to navigate to your Edit collection page and get started!

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Update your collection details

For information about updating your creator earnings, review our separate help guide.

1. In the Details section, you can update your collection’s name on OpenSea, add a description, and customize your OpenSea URL. These details can always be edited later.

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2. Next, enter your collection’s category and tag information. In addition to categories, you can choose up to 5 descriptive tags to help collectors learn more about your collection.

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3. Select which cryptocurrency payment tokens you’d like to enable for listings and offers of NFTs in your collection. ETH and WETH are supported by default.

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4. Select a display theme for the items in your collection.

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5. You’ll have some options to toggle, including marking your collection as containing explicit and sensitive content, and permitting trait-based collection offers. Because NFTs created using this tool are ERC-1155 tokens, you won’t be able to show an OpenRarity ranking.

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6. Finally, you can add a collection collaborator. Collection collaborators can modify important collection settings. However, only the owner of a collection can create new items and edit the creator earnings recipient addresses and creator earnings percentages. You should only add collaborators you know and trust.

For information about setting creator earnings for your collection, you can read through our help guide. Click + Add collaborator and then enter their wallet address or ENS name. Click Submit.

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7. Click Save collection at the bottom of the page once you’re done modifying your collection details.

Be sure to update your collection page if you haven't already done so. If you like, now you can return to OpenSea Studio and click Create to add more items to your collection. Learn more about creating individual NFTs in our help guide.

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