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How do I redeploy my collection?
How do I redeploy my collection?
Updated over a week ago

You may wish to redeploy an identical collection to replace an existing collection. While OpenSea is unable to provide these types of developer solutions, here are a few options when deploying a new contract:

  • You can airdrop identical NFTs to all of your existing collectors or allow collectors to redeem their NFTs for new ones.

    • If ownership mechanics on your old contract are compromised, you may prefer to use a snapshot of previous ownership rather than current ownership

  • You can update your IMG/BaseURI of your original collection to inform your collectors to mint a new item from a new, identical collection. This option is only available if you created your NFTs using a custom smart contract with mutable metadata

If you’ve decided to take either of these steps, we strongly recommend that you use the same wallet address to deploy the new collection as your original collection.

After you’ve redeployed your collection, contact our support team. This way we can assist you with the migration of your collection URL, collection stats, and badging status (if applicable), as well as assist with any issues with your new collection’s visibility on OpenSea.

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