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Where can I find NFT sales records?
Where can I find NFT sales records?
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This guide will help you find your NFT sales on your blockchain explorer and in your wallet.

In your wallet sidebar

Click on your wallet balance, and select the transactions tab. You’ll see a history of your transactions. Click on the transaction to view it on the blockchain explorer.

In your profile’s activity page

Navigate to your profile’s activity tab, where you can view all activity associated with your wallet while using OpenSea. Sort on the left sidebar by event type, such as sales or listings.

Navigating Etherscan

Etherscan is a useful tool for exploring the Ethereum blockchain. If you've sold an item on Ethereum, you can search your wallet address to see your token balance or enter a transaction hash to see your transaction history.


Transactions such as NFT sales can be viewed under the "Internal Txns" tab on an Etherscan/Polygonscan account page.

Keep in mind the transaction records will show the fee received by OpenSea and, if any, creator earnings received by a project’s creator. Crypto wallets like MetaMask will not display internal transactions.


Alternatively, if you sold an NFT through an auction, you may need to add WETH as a token in your MetaMask or crypto wallet to view it there.

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