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How do I reset my login information?
How do I reset my login information?
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I use an email address to log in to OpenSea

With this type of OpenSea account, your self-custodial wallet is tied directly to your email address and authentication method. Because of this, it’s not possible to change your email. If you’d like to use a new email address, you’ll need to sign in and create a new account with a different email and two-factor authentication method.

You can, however, change your authentication method at any time. Learn more in our Help Center guide.

If you have lost access to the authentication method for your OpenSea account that you log into with an email, there are two ways to regain access:

1. If you have lost authenticator access, you should use your authenticator app's backup QR code or key to regain access. Please follow the third-party provider’s instructions.

2. If you have backed up your wallet’s private key, you can import your private key into a new third-party wallet, such as MetaMask, to access your funds and NFTs.

I use a web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, to log in to OpenSea

With this type of OpenSea account, you log into OpenSea directly through your third-party wallet. OpenSea doesn’t have access to your wallet’s settings.

In this case, you'll need to contact your wallet provider directly or search for the relevant help guide. As an example, here's MetaMask's help article about resetting your password.

You can, however, edit the email address associated with marketing emails and notifications for your OpenSea account within your profile settings.

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