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How do I stay safe on Discord?
How do I stay safe on Discord?
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We're constantly taking steps to improve safety measures on our platform and make sure users feel secure on all of our community channels.

Here are some tips for staying safe on Discord. If you'd like to learn more, here's a list of some common web3 scams.

Staying safe on Discord

Phishing scams sometimes pop up on Discord. These are often highly coordinated operations that involve bad actors impersonating staff from OpenSea or other notable NFT project Discord servers.

These bad actors may change their username to impersonate an OpenSea staff member and reach out to users via DMs. After introducing themselves, they then invite the user to a fake Discord server that is imitating OpenSea or another NFT project (see below).


In response to these incidents, OpenSea has implemented several safety measures on our Discord server.

OpenSea no longer offers customer support over Discord DMs. To get support in the OpenSea Discord, use our Help Center to reach our support team, join the #support channel, and post your question along with the ticket number. For any sensitive issues, OpenSea staff will create a private thread.

How to avoid DMs

OpenSea staff will not DM you first and will never send you any links, ask for your wallet seed phrase or wallet QR code, or invite you to a different server.

OpenSea will NEVER ask users to transfer cryptocurrency, click a link, or scan a QR code. Finally, OpenSea will never ask you to join another Discord server, nor act as a middleman, to facilitate sales.

We recommend that you block DMs for OpenSea's Discord server. To do so:

1. Right-click on the server logo.


2. Click on Privacy Settings.


3. Disable DMs.


If you want to take extra precautions, you can disable all direct messages by default in servers.


Do your research

All OpenSea staff and Discord moderators have a green checkmark ✅ in front of their username, but green checkmarks can be copied by bad actors attempting to impersonate an OpenSea staff member or Discord mod. As a best practice, we recommend checking with other users in the #support channel to confirm that a given user is an OpenSea Discord mod.


A malicious user is likely trying to get you to click on a link and then eventually sign a transaction or enter your seed phrase.

A malicious user may send messages like these to get you to click on a link:

  • “I’d like to buy your NFTs, but I keep getting this weird error on OpenSea. Let’s go to this other marketplace instead.”

  • “Hi, I’m an OpenSea staff member assigned to support you. Click this link to open a ticket.”

  • “We’re airdropping some NFTs for free - click this link to claim your airdrop!”

  • “We noticed you recently lost your NFTs, and we can help you recover them. Please click this link to start the process.”

If you’ve received a suspicious DM, please report the scam in the #support channel and follow the steps above to block DMs.

What should I do if I've been compromised?

If you think you may have clicked a link to a malicious website or scanned a malicious QR code, you can mark your wallet as compromised directly within OpenSea by navigating to Account Support in your profile settings and following these instructions.

Please contact OpenSea support or join the Discord #support channel and a staff member will assist.

If you see something suspicious, please let us know.

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