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How can I report a phishing email or direct message (DM)?
How can I report a phishing email or direct message (DM)?
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Have you received a suspicious email that appears to be from OpenSea, asking you to send funds or connect your wallet? Have you received a DM on social media asking you to send a message to resolve a transaction failure or buyer error? These may be phishing attempts. Here's a list of some common web3 scams.

Phishing emails and DMs attempt to obtain personal information to gain access to your wallet. They often:

  • Look real

  • Prompt you to take quick action to solve a problem (such as a “buyer error”)

  • Route you to a website that directly prompts you to sign a transaction in your wallet

OpenSea will ONLY send you emails from the domain If you’ve submitted a support request through our Help Center, responses from our support team will come from [email protected]. Emails from OpenSea have a verified blue checkmark in Gmail and a “Digitally Certified” mark in Apple Mail. We won’t DM you first on social media.

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If you’ve received a phishing email or social media message claiming to be from OpenSea, or encounter a website that is impersonating OpenSea or using our trademark or logo, please report it to us at Please select “Safety Concerns Report harmful content or behavior → Report a phishing attempt.”

You can also report phishing emails directly to your email provider. For example, here are Google's directions on how to report phishing through Gmail.

For scams or phishing attempts on social media, you can also report them directly to the social media platform where you received them. Here is the link to Discord's Trust & Safety Center, and Instagram's.

If you’re not sure whether something is a phishing attempt, it’s best to be cautious. Learn more about protecting yourself and your NFTs in our guide,How can I stay safe and protect my NFTs?

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