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What does a typed signature request look like?
What does a typed signature request look like?
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The typed signature request will be different depending on which contract you’re interacting with, and it will also look a little differently depending on your wallet. A signature request means you’re authorizing your wallet to take action, such as connecting to OpenSea’s platform, or buying or selling an NFT using OpenSea.

All signature requests using OpenSea will be from Seaport. Single listings will display the following request in MetaMask:


Bulk listings will show the following request from Seaport:


If you logged into OpenSea with email, your signature request for a single listing will look like the following:

Yossie signature request.png

Troubleshooting Signature Requests

If you don't see the Sign button at first, you'll likely need to scroll down in the wallet extension window until it appears.


If you're interacting with Seaport through OpenSea, here's what you should see on your interactions:

  • "First-time" user proxy deployment: NONE (no longer needed)

  • Token approvals: `0x1E0049783F008A0085193E00003D00cd54003c71` (the OpenSea "conduit")

  • Listings & offers:

    • offerer: you

    • offer: what you're willing to spend — itemType 0 for ETH, 1 for ERC20s 2 for ERC721s, 3 for ERC1155s

    • consideration: what will be received: you should be the recipient of the first item

    • conduitKey: `0x0000007b02230091a7ed01230072f7006a004d60a8d4e71d599b8104250f0000` (the OpenSea "conduit key")

    • zone: `0x004C00500000aD104D7DBd00e3ae0A5C00560C00` (the OpenSea Zone)

As of March 25, 2024, Seaport’s contract address is: 0x0000000000000068F116a894984e2DB1123eB395. You can view it on Etherscan here.

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