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“Execution Reverted” and Transfer Errors
“Execution Reverted” and Transfer Errors
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An “Execution Reverted” or transfer error can happen while using certain functionality on OpenSea such as:

  • Accepting an offer

  • Listing an item

  • Transferring an item

  • Buying an item

You can find more information about the specific error message you're experiencing below.

Execution Reverted, Please reach out to the collection owner to troubleshoot

This error is the result of an issue with the collection’s smart contract. A smart contract may produce this error if:

  • An NFT is locked by the contract (usually due to staked NFTs)

  • The contract does not explicitly follow (or predates) the ERC-721/ERC-1155 standard

If you have staked your item, you’ll see this error message when attempting to sell your item. If you haven’t staked your item, you’ll need to reach out to the collection owner to see if they can address the contract issue on their end.

NFT is locked and not available for transfer

A locked NFT means the item is currently being used in another capacity and cannot be sold or transferred. Some reasons why an NFT may be locked include:

  • The owner has staked their NFT

  • The NFT is being used as collateral for a loan

  • The NFT was purchased using an installment plan

  • The NFT is rented/borrowed through a service

  • The NFT is soulbound (tied to an individual and cannot be transferred)

A locked NFT may only be sold or transferred after it has been unlocked (for example, un-staking the NFT) or the locking period ends (for example, the loan duration ends).

This account is not the owner of the NFT (or has not approved the NFT for transfer)

The errors “This account is not the owner of the NFT” and “This account is not the owner of the NFT or has not approved the NFT for transfer” may occur when trying to purchase an item using OpenSea. This can happen if the owner of the NFT transfers the item to another wallet.

If you’ve received this error, it’s possible the transfer was still in progress while you attempted to purchase the item. As a result, the NFT is not available to purchase.

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