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What is OpenSea’s policy on inciting violence?
What is OpenSea’s policy on inciting violence?
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Art is a powerful tool for challenging authority and bringing awareness to social issues. As a platform for artists, we want to provide people with the freedom to express themselves in thoughtful and provocative ways.

While hurtful, distasteful, or insensitive content has unfortunately become common, we believe words and imagery cross the line when they become abusive, threatening, or otherwise incite violence.

Our policy is intended to help maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users. OpenSea does not allow and will delist content that incites violence, including:

  • Content that expressly endorses or supports a violent action or the individual who directly engaged in a violent act

  • Content that attributes blame to victims of human violence

  • Content that contains proscribed terrorist organizations or leaders

    • We define a proscribed terrorist organization as “An organization designated by a governing body in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Nations.”

  • Content that praises or glorifies a proscribed terrorist organization, including symbols associated with a proscribed terrorist organization

  • Content that reveals personally identifying information without that person’s consent

  • Content that depicts the planning of a violent attack

  • Content that provides instructions on how to make firearms or explosives

  • Content that provides information on how to procure illegal weapons

We will disable buying and selling of NFTs and collections that contain content such as:

  • Denying or delegitimizing a mass shooting, bombing, or other violent tragedy

  • Attacking victims of a mass shooting, bombing, or other violent act

  • Making a joke or a game out of a mass shooting or bombing

For this type of content, we may instead choose to not charge the OpenSea fee so that we are not monetizing the content.

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