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How do I turn on collection offers for traits?
How do I turn on collection offers for traits?
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When selling your NFTs, you can make it easier for potential buyers by turning on trait-based collection offers. Instead of making individual offers on NFTs, this feature allows a buyer to make an offer that applies to all NFTs in the collection with the specified trait, like red glasses or a nose ring.

Before opting in, make sure trait offers will work for your collection. Trait offers shouldn’t be turned on if you plan on changing the trait metadata for the NFTs in your collection.

Here’s how to turn on collection offers for traits:

  1. On OpenSea, hover over your Profile icon and select Studio.

  2. Click on the collection you’d like to edit, or select Edit details, to navigate to your Edit collection page.

  3. On the Details tab, scroll down to Trait-based collection offers and click the toggle to On.

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