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Who pays the gas fees on OpenSea?
Who pays the gas fees on OpenSea?
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You pay gas fees directly through your own crypto wallet during the transaction. Gas fees are transaction fees paid to validators on the blockchain, not to OpenSea. We’ll never ask you to send funds to a private wallet address to cover gas fees. Instead, you'll be prompted with your wallet to pay the correct gas fee. This will look different depending on which web3 wallet you use. First, here's an example in MetaMask.

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 5.40.08 PM.png

Here’s an example if you logged into OpenSea with an email:

cancel listing gas estimate.png

⚠️ Be aware of common phishing attempts. "Buyers" may claim they're experiencing an error when trying to purchase an item by messaging the seller with screenshots. OpenSea will never DM you first on social media or ask you to send funds to OpenSea in order to sell an item or resolve a transaction failure.

You can learn more about staying safe in web3 or gas fees on Ethereum in our help guides. If you're experiencing a phishing attempt, here's how to report it.

Creating an NFT collection

Using the OpenSea Studio tools to create a drop or new NFT collection requires you to deploy your own smart contract. In order to deploy your smart contract, you’ll need to pay gas.

Minting an NFT

Whether you are minting an NFT during a drop from another creator or you are minting an NFT you created to your own wallet, minting requires a gas fee.

Listing an item

Each time you first list an item in a collection for sale, you may be prompted to approve the collection, which does cost gas. After that, listings for items in those collections will be gas-free. For more information about collection approvals, see our help guide.

Selling an item

Who pays the gas fees when an item is sold depends on the transaction.

  • Buyers pay gas fees when purchasing an item in a fixed-price listing.

  • Sellers pay gas fees when accepting offers.

Making a deal

When using the Deals feature, the user who accepts the Deal will pay the gas.

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