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How do I use the Table view on my profile?
How do I use the Table view on my profile?
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The table view on the Collected tab of your profile displays the most relevant sales information for your items in one place. You can use this view to start the listing process, edit active listings, accept offers on your items, and easily see all of your items in one view.

To navigate to table view, click the Profile icon, select the Collected tab, and select the view on the left.


When you click on an item, you can see the latest sales information by trait, including the floor price, the last sale price, and when it was last sold.

If there’s an active offer on your item, you can click Accept best offer to sell the item for the highest current offer. You can also select multiple NFTs with active offers and accept multiple offers at once.

To quickly list NFTs, you can select and list multiple items at once.

The table view contains the following metrics:

  • Floor price: The current lowest listing price for an NFT in the given collection.

  • Best offer: The current highest offer on the specific item, including both single offers and collection offers. You can hover over the price and click Accept offer to quickly accept the offer. If you see “--” instead of a price, this means there is no active offer.

  • Listing price: Your current listing price. If an item isn’t listed, you can hover over “Not listed” and click List for sale to quickly list an item.

    • If the item is an ERC-1155, it will show the lowest listing price for that item type (even if your specific item is not listed)

  • Cost: The purchase price of your NFT. If it was never sold, this will show the mint price.

  • Difference: The listing price minus cost. This column won't be populated unless the item is listed.

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