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How can I manage my offers?
How can I manage my offers?
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When selling an NFT using OpenSea, you might receive offers on your item that you feel are too low for you to seriously consider. To prevent your inbox from getting flooded with these low offers, here are three tools you can use to control and customize your selling experience on OpenSea.

Set minimum offers per collection

If you don’t want to receive an email for every offer on your item, you can set a minimum offer amount for each collection in your Offer settings.

When you set a minimum offer amount, it will override the Minimum Bid Threshold on the Notifications page and apply to all offers, including collection offers. This also prevents offers from being visible in the "Offers" section of your item, and in your "Offers received" tab in your OpenSea account.

If you own more than one NFT in a collection, make sure your minimum offer takes into account the lowest offer you would consider for any NFT from that collection.


Negotiating with counter offers

If you receive an offer that’s close to your listing price, you can use the Counter function. This will allow you to create a new private listing reserved for the specific user who made the initial offer.


Determine your offer strength with floor prices

With all the offers coming in, it can be challenging to quickly evaluate them. You can use the Floor Difference indicator to determine the strength of an offer based on a comparison to the floor price for items in that collection.

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