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How do I purchase NFTs on Zora?
How do I purchase NFTs on Zora?
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The Zora Network is a fast, cost-efficient, scalable Layer 2 network that focuses on NFTs.

If you’re buying an NFT on Zora, many wallets (such as the one you create when you log in with email) will automatically prompt you to switch networks. If your wallet doesn’t support this, or you’d like to add the Zora network to your wallet manually, you can follow these steps:

Adding Zora Network to your wallet

Here's how to add Zora to MetaMask. These steps may vary by wallet provider.

1. Click on your MetaMask browser extension.

2. Click the network drop-down menu on the top of the extension. Select Add network.

3. This will open up a new window. On the bottom, select Add a network manually.

4. Fill in the network information:

5. Click Save.

6. You should now see Zora added to your networks.

Buying on Zora

If you use email to log into OpenSea, you can use a credit card to purchase NFTs on the Zora network or you can transfer in bridged ETH from another wallet using Zora’s native bridge. Finally, you can bridge your funds to Zora using the Swap tab in your wallet while using OpenSea. Learn more in our Help Center guide.

If you use a third-party crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, follow the steps below.

1. Using Zora's native bridge, navigate to

2. Connect your wallet by selecting Connect in the top right corner.

3. Select the Deposit tab, then enter the amount of ETH you'd like to deposit to the Zora Network.

4. Click Bridge.

5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet (this can take a couple of minutes). This also requires a payment of a gas fee.

6. You should now see your bridged ETH on the Zora Network.

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