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What is OpenSea Pro?
What is OpenSea Pro?
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OpenSea Pro is an NFT marketplace aggregator designed specifically for high-volume buyers and sellers. When using OpenSea Pro, you’ll be able to browse listings from over 170 NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea.

OpenSea Pro features the most optimized gas fees of any NFT aggregator; includes live, cross-marketplace data; and offers powerful inventory management tools that make it easy to purchase and list items in bulk. You can also use OpenSea Pro to mint items, allowing you to avoid potentially malicious third-party websites or contracts.

You can create OpenSea listings and offers through OpenSea Pro with 0.5% OpenSea fees on your favorite collections. When you accept offers, they’ll reflect the platform fee where the offer was made. For example, offers created using OpenSea will reflect a 2.5% fee, while offers created using OpenSea Pro will reflect a 0.5% fee.

To try OpenSea Pro, navigate to

How do I contact OpenSea Pro support?

To get support for OpenSea Pro, follow the steps below:

1. Head to OpenSea Pro's Discord and navigate to the #🎫tickets channel to create a ticket.

2. Select the appropriate support category. If you’re not sure which category applies to your issue, select Other Issues.

3. For most requests, you’ll need to describe your issue and include your wallet address and transaction hash from Etherscan. Click Submit when you’re done.

4. Submitting the form will create a private channel in Discord between you and the OpenSea Pro support team. Click the ticket-username channel to chat directly with OpenSea Pro support.

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