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How do I sweep a collection?
How do I sweep a collection?
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You can use the “sweep” feature to purchase multiple NFTs at once. This is particularly useful on fast-moving collections where you want to buy a certain number of NFTs in one transaction. Sweeps will select the first items on the screen based on the filters and sorts you have set.

Items in a sweep will go through a separate transaction that won’t include any items already in your cart. All items have to be on the same chain in order to be part of the same transaction.

Some collections, like collections that have multiple contracts, aren’t eligible for sweeping and won’t show the sweep option.

You can follow these steps to sweep a collection:

  1. In the collection footer, click the Sweep toggle to turn it on.

  2. Use the slider to select the number of items you’d like to buy. The specified number of items listed first in the collection will be highlighted in blue.

  3. (Optional) Check the Substitute items box and specify the Max price per item you’re willing to pay. If any of the first items fail (for example, because they were already purchased), your transaction will instead include the next NFTs under your specified max price. The specified number of items will be highlighted in blue, items you’re authorizing as potential substitutes will have the standard item card display, and items above your max price per item will be grayed out.

  4. Click the Sweep button on the right side of the collection footer.


Why can I only seem some items in a collection?

If a collection includes items on multiple chains, you’ll only be able to sweep listings on the same chain as the first listing.

Can I sweep with listings in multiple currencies?

No, it defaults to the currency of the first listing in the sweep. If you have a desired currency, you’ll need to filter by that currency before sweeping the collection.

Are sweeps affected by sorting or filtering?

Yes! If you apply a sort, such as “Recently listed” or “Most viewed,” sweeps will buy the first items with the sort active. The specified number of the first items using that sorting will be highlighted in blue. The same applies for filtering.


Why is there a price range?

The range reflects the minimum and maximum amount for the possible items you will purchase. If any of the items fail (for example, because they were already purchased), your transaction may include items with different prices. Even though no individual item will exceed your specified “max price per item,” there may be a different total price depending on which items end up succeeding.

Why does my receipt show "not spent"?

For substitute item transactions, you will need to authorize the maximum possible price. Any ETH not spent in the transaction will be automatically transferred back to your wallet.

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